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Imagine Art Gallery is looking to collaborate with artist, jewelers and other creative professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to be exhibited in great location on very favorable terms.

The Gallery offers paintings for interior decoration. We work with art dealers, interior designers and real estate agents. We are always looking forward to working with new individuals in these areas or related.

Imagine Art School provides space for seminars, master classes and various related events.

About Us: Imagine Art Gallery and School was established in 2005 in the historical district of Thornhill. The criteria for the formation of the exhibitions of the gallery is based on the standards of European Academic and Modern Art Schools.

Our Gallery offers the exhibition space for the private collections, individual artist exhibitions and thematical group exhibitions. We offer professional consultations (portfolio consultations); work with artists, designers and art historians.

On the second floor of the Imagine Art Gallery located Imagine Art School. Our school gives the students the unique opportunity to exhibit in our gallery free of charge. The art school is for the individuals of any age, offering classes to previously trained as well as untrained students. Imagine Art School helps to prepare students portfolios, as well as gives art credits for the lessons.


2008 Imagine Art School and Gallery  
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